Hubble Pte Ltd Showcased Construction Related Application at SCAL Construction Safety

In the first half of 2016, 17 workers have lost their lives in workplace accidents in the construction sector, almost twice as many compared to the same period last year.

In a bid to urge contractors to place safety as their top priority, The SCAL Construction Safety, Health and Security Seminar was organized to share latest developments in safety management systems and worksite safety practices.

The SCAL Construction Safety, Health and Security Seminar was held on 22 June at the Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) in Singapore.

Hubble presented its groundbreaking technologies aimed at building the next generation smart worksite for the construction industry.

Hubble’s Workforce Management and Data Analytics system allows companies to track the exact GPS location of their workers, save time in attendance taking and save costs in overtime payment by utilizing Hubble’s unique ½ hour overtime salary block calculation algorithm.

Hubble also showcased its Safety Inspection Application that was under development. The Safety Inspection Application is aimed at enabling construction companies to track worksite safety hazards in real time.

“With an increasing trend of workplace accidents in the construction sector, it is important for companies to embrace the latest technology to help them strengthen their existing WSH practices.” said Peter Widjaja, the CTO of Hubble.

“We are working closely with leading main contractors to implement the safety inspection application that will greatly benefit construction worksites across Singapore.”

The Hubble team provided interactive demonstrations of the various Hubble Mobile and Web Applications to safety managers from leading companies that were present during the event.