Live GPS Tracking of Mobile Workforce

Hubble provides a GPS and timestamp for every sign-in and sign-out entry. Gain greater control and visibility over your greatest assets: your workforce.

  • Track and manage your workforce daily.
  • Automatically generate attendance reports by project sites and by each individual employee.
  • Know your daily deployment and make effective redeployment decisions better.
  • Gain real-time insights into your workforce strength through attendance trends and analytics.

Facial Recognition Attendance Taking

Eliminate buddy sign-ins with our facial recognition attendance taking. Hubble’s machine learning makes sure the right employee checks-in correctly.

  • Hubble’s facial recognition algorithms compare photographs taken during every sign-in and sign-out with the base employee photograph for added accuracy.
  • Be notified immediately when buddy sign-ins occur. React promptly to rectify it and prevent such buddy sign-ins from occurring again.
  • Minimize time spent on attendance taking. With Hubble, attendance taking is prompt and seamless.

Automated Salary Computation

Automate the salary computation of your workers based on their exact sign-in and sign-out timings. No more unnecessary time and resources spent on manual tabulation of employee hours worked and salary.

  • No more manual data entry into Excel or Payroll software to calculate salary. Eliminate repetitive, manual, and meaningless human tasks that are often inaccurate and error prone.
  • Input miscellaneous costs and deductions.
  • Track advance and loan payments on a recurring or ad-hoc basis.
  • Generate payslips with breakdown into normal and overtime hours.

Report Defects On The Go

Defects can be reported on the go and digitally, eliminating the need to fill in paper forms. Quality managers and subcontractors need not seek each other out to prove that work is required/has been completed since all data is transmitted digitally. This saves time and effort.

  • Supervisors can submit CARs on the go
  • Upload images and pin defects locations on the floor plan
  • Manage backcharge easily should subcontractors fail to complete rectification works
  • Gain real-time visibility of all CARs in progress
  • Identify data trends and patterns to maintain high quality standards

Electronic Permit To Work (E-PTW)

Ensure safety standards while streamlining processes by moving towards our e-PTW system.

  • Electronically apply for PTWs
  • PTW application goes through a 3-step verification process before it is approved
  • Approved PTW can be revoked should there be incompatible works or unsafe conditions. Sub-contractors will be notified and advised to reapply.
  • Main contractor has real-time visibility of all PTWs
  • Ability to issue fines
  • Quantifies safety by number of PTWs revoked and volume of fines issues

Safety Inspection Checklist

With our centralised system for safety inspections, managers and supervisors can be aware of all the safety issues on a particular site, manage personnel more effectively as well as ensure corrective work is done in a timely manner. By having access to all the safety data, managers will be able to create a safer work environment and reduce the overall amount of accidents.

  • Carry out Safety Inspections on the go
  • Sort safety breeches by types and risk levels
  • Ensure prompt follow-up action

Real-Time Labor Costing

Small gains in cost savings can have exponential impact on profit margins. Know your daily labor cost based on the exact working hours of your workforce.

  • Maximize profitability by keeping costs in check.
  • Make timely budgeting decisions with accurate real-time information.
  • Gain real-time visibility into project costs and more accurately forecast cash flow with our data analytics.
  • Drive greater project efficiency by ensuring that costs are kept at a constant low level.

One-Stop Employee Database

Eliminate confusion caused by different systems hosting different pieces of information about the same employee. Store and retrieve complete data about your employee with Hubble.

  • Customizable employee profile fields according to company needs.
  • Capture all information and track the history of any employee.
  • Track all loan payment records and ensure that loan is paid on time.

Employee File Storage

Maintain a personal docket for every employee. Ensure all information is updated and stored securely in one single centralised system to reduce time spent finding information from multiple sources.

  • Upload scanned passports, work permits, appraisal or disciplinary letters, and much more.
  • Categorise files neatly online, allowing you to retrieve any form or document in the shortest time possible.
  • Retrieve all personal information anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.

Compare Productivity Across Projects

Maximise profitability through improving productivity. Measure the average speed of work and challenge each project to reach a new productivity level.

  • Compare productivity across different projects. Know which projects are faster than schedule and which require more attention.
  • Customize the productivity indicator according to the nature of work to be completed.
  • Track the work completed by each project daily. Reward the fast and efficient projects.
  • Analyse productivity changes and adapt operational processes to improve.

Compare Productivity Across Teams

Accurately track productivity data down to the individual teams in the project. Be able to pinpoint areas of inefficiency and progress as a whole.

  • Track the work completed by each individual worker in the team.
  • Manage each member of the team with objective, quantifiable data.
  • Measure each worker’s efficiency in the different job types. Match workers to tasks they are most efficient in.
  • Use skill profiles and resource pools to direct workers to the right jobs that increases productivity as a whole.

Set Targets for Clear Results

Empower each team to set targets to be achieved. Measure their output according to their targets and keep the team constantly motivated.

  • Eliminate time wasted not knowing what to do. Setting clear targets before work starts enables each worker to have a clear goal and direction.
  • Challenge each team to set difficult yet attainable targets each day, gradually improving productivity.
  • Convert management targets into daily / weekly targets for the workers.

Enable Co-Sharing of Assets Across Projects

Ensure that assets are fully utilised. Track the inventory levels at every project site and ensure accurate reporting of information at all times.

  • Enable project sites to loan inventory from each other for short periods of time.
  • Reduce duplication of inventory and high purchasing costs which results when project sites are unable to loan inventory from each other.
  • Increase transparency and accountability of inventory movement across project sites.

Track Inventory Costs and Management

Hubble gives you real-time information on the inventory costs at every project site. Know which sites are spending more than necessary and which sites often damage inventory.

  • Use data to track inventory trends and understand inventory usage.
  • Automate the calculation of inventory costs while ensuring that prices are always kept up to date.
  • Gain real-time visibility into inventory spending by each project site.
  • Obtain the most accurate information at any point in time with Hubble.

Electronic Issuance of E-Ticket and Delivery Order

Hubble replaces the cumbersome delivery orders that are often illegible and in bad condition. Waste no more time tabulating and calculating delivery orders. Move everything online.

  • Automate generation of e-tickets per day.
  • Gain insights into your business operations through embedded data analytics.
  • Track the loads completed per project site and the overall progress of your project.
  • Unlimited storage and classification of e-tickets. Retrieve any particular ticket as and when you wish.

Real-Time Monitoring of Vehicle State

Resolve worksite situations in a timely fashion for optimal operations. Hubble prompts you in real time when a situation arises, so that you can act on it immediately.

  • Automated computation of duration in site, from the time of entry to exit.
  • Prompt your supervisors and managers immediately once a vehicle has been inside a site for too long.
  • Rectify situations when they arise.
  • Drive greater operational efficiency by ensuring that all situations are promptly resolved.

Track Employee Certifications

Remove the need to maintain many different folders of employee certifications. Hubble captures all certificates in a one-stop platform, which shows you every course detail and all training history.

  • Accommodate all employee certificates in one platform. Retrieve information directly whenever necessary.
  • Track training and certifications of each employee. Understand their skill levels and direct them to the right jobs.
  • Ensure proper training and human management of your workforce.

Reminders for Expiring Certificates

Hubble reminds you when a certificate is about to expire, so that you can renew it immediately. Prevent disruptions at work due to lack of certification.

  • Create new training applications for all employees whose certificates are expiring. Skip the approval process and enrol them directly into a course.
  • Generate reports on expiring certificates and take necessary action.

Courses Scheduling and Approving

Automate the approving and scheduling process. Schedule all employees for courses based on the training applications. Everything pertaining to employee training is connected in a tight loop.

  • Transform the training application process from a ton of paperwork to an automated system.
  • Store and update course information as and when it changes.